The Scene of the Pirouette

You may be wondering "where the heck have you been Kathleen? No blogs of any substance or writing that we can follow, no real estate tips, no new listings, what gives?" 

Well you see, the endearing statement often used as encouragement for an actor or musician before they go on stage to perform is to "Go break a leg". According to Wipekedia the "origin of the phrase remains obscure. The expression reflects a theatrical superstition in which wishing a person "good luck" is considered bad luck.[2][3][4] The expression is sometimes used outside the theatre as superstitions and customs travel through other professions and then into common use. Among professional dancers, the traditional saying is not "break a leg," but "merde".  Using the term Go Break A Leg in real estate now holds a totally new meaning for me.

On November 3, 2016, I was showing a series of homes to a very lovely lady and her best friend who were considering a move to the Ponte Vedra area. We were having a grand time getting to know each other, learning about what attracted her to the area, and then we arrived at the third house on our list for the day. The driveway, walkway and entryway were all covered in the same very attractive pavers right up to the front door.  Leading the way to get to the lockbox, carrying papers, my phone and trying to punch in the code to unlock the lockbox on the phone a few feet ahead of my clients, I never saw the elevation in the pavers change. My eye saw an even walk up, my mind never saw or thought about a step, but my left foot was smarter than my brain and it was caught by the short paver step. It was a real hard trip and I didn't expect the fall. I did a priouette- just like a ballerina, albeit not as gracefully, and landed on my left side.

After the shock, my attempts at standing were to no avail. I instructed my new friends to go inside and get a floor mat so I could rotate onto the mat in a kneeling position and then stand up. Afterall, it was just a bad bruise, I never heard a pop, or a snap or had any severe pain, just a dull ache.  After getting on my knees successfully, the ladies saw me struggling and I asked them to get a dining room chair so that I could use that for leverage and push myself up with my right leg to stand.  Well, the chair didn't work and I said the most significant commercial statement "I've FALLEN and I Can't get Up!"   Yikes, we then called 911 and the squad appeared in what was less than 5 miniutes. Meanwhile, leaning on the chair with my elbows, my rear was exposed to the street... a passerby in a car was kind enough to notice and ask if we needed help. I had no idea my butt was "flapping in the breeze" too!  When the squad arrived they asked what I wanted them to do. And I said "Just pick me up to stand".  They asked if I wanted Morphine before attempting that and I said no... must have been the adrenaline talking.  Then they lifted me up and when I realized I couldn't put my left foot down and couldn't balance myself, they lifted me onto the stretcher and then repeated "Now do you want some Morphine?"  Now totally mortified (see above paragraph about merde) in front of my clients, I asked them to go into the house and look around while the squad did their work witth me prepping for the hospital journey.  They came back out and said they really did like this house and I told them I would arrange with one of my colleauges to have them get back in tomorrow and also see the other two houses we missed on their tour.  My advice to my client upon getting put into the EMS truck was, "now that I have fallen for this house, you have to buy it and fall in love with it too."

The ladies commandeered my car to a safe location for my husband to pick it up later in the day. And they did return the next day deciding not to see any other house. My client made an offer on the house because she really did fall in love with it. Since taking possession of the house, she painted the 6 pavers a darker color to try and avoid any further mishap from occuring (See photo).

Since I have been an orthopaedic operating room nurse for over 15 years, once I saw the Xray... I knew my fate.  It was a clean fracture at the neck of my left femur. My hemi arthroplasty surgery occurred the next day November 4th and I became a bionic woman with a titanium implant. I contracted pneumonia as an extra added benefit of my hospitalization which delayed my discharge for a week. Happily, I am now on the mend, back to work showing luxury properties in our beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach community. Interestingly during my recuperative phase I did an on line "numerology" test on Facebook, just for fun and out of curiosity/boredom. Strangely, my lucky "Numbers" were 11, 3, and 9... now isn't that wierd that I fell on 11/3?  Was that luck? Afterall, she bought the house! 

In closing, I hope you never break a leg and I won't wish that for anyone, that's for sure!  See you at the beach instead! 

AUTHOR: Kathleen Floryan, Broker Associate, Ponte Vedra Club Realty, 280 Ponte Vedra Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 c-904-687-5146