Boutique Wines, Hard to Find Wines, Small Production Wines

The sheer pleasure of being able to open the doors to a personal wine cellar to choose a very special bottle, share it with family or friends is a luxury for any wine enthusiast. Creating that wine cellar is also a work of art, requires hours of research, can be time consuming and may become much more than just a hobby. Learning about wines is half the fun, drinking them is more than half the fun.  

Imagine you just bought a new luxury home in Ponte Vedra Beach and you either have a wine cellar or you want to create one. Where do you start? Sometimes the answer is easy if the wine cellar exists, you simply buy the house with the wine included, after you have determined a fair market value for all of the wine of course.  Ah, but those bottles may or may not be worth it, you may want to start all over, or you prefer only certain brands, varietals, regions.  You don’t like certain wines like whites, Pinotage, or anything with a screw cap! 

It is always best to seek out experts whether in luxury real estate or luxury wines. Here in Ponte Vedra Beach one expert is Emery Clance, owner of the franchise store of Tim’s Wine Market.  It’s a family business and you will meet his lovely wife Jean, or their son, Ken when you enter.  With over 650 labels you are sure to find a luscious red or zesty white to add to your wine collection and certainly one that will fit your budget.  The store has over 9,000 bottles in stock and has grown since their opening in November 2011 when the store started with a mere 250 labels.  Emery can give you direction for your wine cellar or just your wine rack depending on your personal needs based on how much wine you drink (in bottles) per week. 

We have a number of customers who want 500 to 1000 bottles, and then find out they really drink only 50 bottles a year because they eat out all the time. It fills up the wine cellar but doesn’t make sense.  Also it’s not wise to suggest a wine that will take a good 20 years to age when they are 70 years of age themselves.  It’s best for the customer to figure out a budget per transaction and then set them up on a weekly/monthly purchase program. 

We also have small production wines for example CLIO (2009 and 2010) from Jumilla, Spain.  The state of Florida only allocated 50 bottles to be shipped into the entire state and Tim’s Wine Market in Ponte Vedra Beach, received 12 bottles at a price of $59. - Emery Clance

Wine bottle prices in Tim's Wine Market start at $9 and the highest price in the store is $299.  However, Emery can track down special orders or personal favorites and have them shipped on a customer’s behalf.  What you will not find in Tim’s Wine Market is grocery style, mass produced wine labels. 

Tim’s Wine Marketis a brain child of Tim Varanwho holds the certifications of Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and Certified Wine Educator (CWE).  Mr. Varan also completed all course work for the Master of Wine designation. He consults with wine makers, wine importers and distributors.  They value his opinion on everything from what the wine should cost to discerning flavor profiles.  Tim is the ultimate aficionado and backbone of the organization, tasting over 4000 wines per year, providing selection suggestions weekly and guidance to his owners. Each Tim’s Wine Market Owner has either received or is working toward both certifications of CWS and CWE. At this time there are only 7 franchisees, all located in Florida, five in Orlando, one in St Augustine Beach and one in Ponte Vedra Beach. 

As a wine enthusiast, with or without a wine cellar, stop in and meet Emery Clance and family and be sure to get on their mailing list for special tastings or attend an eventthat they are is sponsoring.

Kathleen Floryan 

 The Clance Family - Jean, Ken, Emery