Architecture and Architects in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

The saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Capturing an emotion, a sensation, a thought, a vision, a lifestyle, through the use of pictures is the essence of great photography. In setting out a plan for telling you about luxury real estaet in Ponte Vedra Beach, selling you on the very best of what Ponte Vedra Beach luxury homes have to offer, it was imperative to reach out to an area expert.

Glenn Hettinger, AIA, ICAA, has been designing, building and photographing homes for 40 years. Glenn is the creator of the “Distinctive Homes of America” book series and a principle at GDH Architects, P.A; Glenn lives and raised his children in Ponte Vedra Beach and published the first authentic tabletop book of Ponte Vedra Beach luxury homes. His photography is featured here on

In describing what makes a home “luxurious” Glenn said that there is “luxury with taste and luxury without taste”.  Tasteless luxury would include “big, bigger, and biggest” without consideration for function and little care spent in the quality of the appointments, design and materials used in construction and finishing.  You will see through Glenn’s photographic eye what truly luxurious homes here are in Ponte Vedra Beach.  In his book of 66 Distinctive Homes in Ponte Vedra Beach, there are over 700 photographs on 244 pages fulfilling anyone’s desire to know “what does that house look like inside and what it must be like to live in”.   Glenn’s book is a keepsake and gifted at the closing table to all of my customers who sell or buy a luxury home through me in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Glenn shared that the most popular architectural styles in Ponte Vedra Beach include the Coastal Shingle (Coastal Beach vernacular/Key West), British Colonial and West Indies, Mediterranean (French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Moroccan) and French Normandy. There are very few Modern style but more are on the way.  In future posts, these styles and the builders will be featured.

What exactly makes these homes “distinctive?” The dictionary would define it “specifically, a feature that that causes something to stand out as being better; a mark of honor, rank, eminence or excellence”. Glenn feels the homes he has chosen for his book, and some of which are featured herein, are “easily distinguishable from all others, unique in character, typically designed by an architect, formed by a competent builder focused on excellence who incorporates experienced luxury interior and landscape designers. It is “one of a kind” with grand features and details worth imitating”.  Glenn Hettinger’s passionate photographic eye for the Distinctive Homes of Ponte Vedra Beach makes you want to own one for yourself.

Kathleen Floryan