Luxury Real Estate Ponte Vedra - Accessible, Affordable, Approachable Attorney, Blake F. Deal, III


When You Need a Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Real Estate Lawyer

Too often residential real estate lawyers are sought out for advice or intervention when the residential sale is turning sour.  Just like in health care, when headed for the operating room for open heart surgery, the intervention should have been prevention much earlier in the game.  Fortunately, the outcomes in both legal and health care matters can be rescued by the skill level of the practitioner.  The key is prevention and to err on the side of caution.  While most real estate transactions in Florida are initiated by real estate professionals like me, no REALTOR or real estate sales person is to provide legal interpretation or legal advice to their customers. Doing so is the practice of law without a license. 

Fortunately, and in most cases, a real estate purchase and sales agreement, a listing agreement, and most addenda used in a transaction are straight forward “boiler plate” fill in the blank legal documents that have been reviewed, approved, periodically revised and endorsed for use by the local professional Board of Realtors, their attorneys, with input and review by members of the Florida Bar Association.  Any purchaser or seller of real estate in Florida may choose to seek the advice of an attorney to review their specific contract language. While not required as in other states, this review is an ounce of prevention.  Typically, once both parties to the agreement have completed negotiations and consented to all terms and conditions contained in the documents and have each signed their respective signatures, the document becomes a legal, binding contract in which timing is of the essence and performance of certain activities are expected by both sides of the transaction. 

Attorney Blake Deal has been conducting residential and commercial real estate closings in the Jacksonville Beaches and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida market for over 16 years.  During that time he has handled over 8,000 closings ranging in price from $50,000 to $60,000,000.  For most of his career Blake has taught the Contracts and Listing Agreement classes for the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR) so he knows the most commonly used agreements almost by heart.  He is also a licensed REALTOR®, has designed and built homes, developed subdivisions,  and is a title agent for the Old Republic and Chicago title companies.  Blake has done very little advertising during his career and his client list, which has grown almost exclusively by word-of-mouth, includes CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, nationally known entrepreneurs, and other elite individuals and companies.   His office is prominently located on A1A in Jacksonville Beach, just north of Ponte Vedra Beach, and he prides himself on making himself accessible to his clients no matter what time it is or where he is at that time. His cell phone number is readily provided.

Having lunch with Blake the other day he shared some of his wide ranging qualifications including that he is an Airline Transport Rated (ATP) jet pilot, an Eagle Scout, graduated magna-cum-laude from a top 20 school in mechanical engineering, and finished in the top 15% of his class from the University of Florida School of law.  Most of all, he is the proud father of his 13 year old son Ian and 11 year old daughter Julia.  As we were talking he described a parallel between the "hum drum" of every day real estate deals and flying a plane. 

 "Flying a plane involves hours upon hours of boredom when everything is working smoothly, but it is the rare moment when something goes seriously wrong that all that training and experience is so important to get everyone safely on the ground!" 

Although using a well qualified Realtor is normally just fine for most transactions, having access to a skilled attorney like Blake is an important asset to have in case something does go wrong. 

He wrapped up our meeting by saying "I can promise you this- in the 16 years and thousands of closings I have done just when I think I have seen everything- something new and amazing can come out of the blue to knock a deal sideways.  I can't keep that from happening, but I can tell you that there is not much of anything involving a real estate deal that I can't fix." 

This is why when there is the slightest inkling that a customer is starting to ask legal advice or needs legal answers, I immediately defer to my colleague, Blake Deal.  In many situations, I have had to reach out to Blake and he has always been prompt in getting back to me whether it is normal business hours or not.   Most often, it is Blake’s law firm that I work with and trust to navigate the distance between contract and closing on my deals.  His staff has one of the highest levels of average experience for any firm in the greater Jacksonville area and are a pleasure to work with.  I sleep better at night knowing that at the first hint of any problems Blake is personally there ready to get out his tool kit and help them!  You can read more about Blake's qualifications and experiences on his website