Furnishings for your Home with Luxury for Less in Ponte Vedra Beach  

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Providing Luxurious Furniture and Fixtures

at attractive price points.

Luxury for Less in Ponte Vedra started as a small idea in a small space. The concept was the dream of Elaine Caldwell which she turned into reality.  Elaine wanted people to have luxurious furniture and appointments in their home, as she did, but at an affordable price. 

The concept started small, selling some pieces that Elaine had from her home, in a small warehouse.  Word of her shop spread like wildfire and people started coming by every week just to see what was new. Some customers started asking if they could bring some of their personal pieces to sell, and so consignment became an extra added value feature.  Then those same customers started telling all of their friends how fun it was to "treasure hunt" at Luxury for Less in Ponte Vedra and an idea became a phenomena.

Two years and two months later, Elaine added four more contigious warehouse spaces.  Thousands of happy customers later, Luxury For Less in Ponte Vedra is Northeast Florida's only one stop shop for luxury consigned and new furniture, customer upholstery, custom bedding and even custom paint finishes with the Maison Blanche "La Craie" Chalk Paint.   Luxury for Less has begun reinventing everything from kitchen cabinets to hardwood floors and of course reinventing furniture. From "Shabby Chic", Ann Sloan, Cyan Design Home Decor, and Legacy Home Bedding to an amazing Louis the XV Settee's you can find upscale accent furniture pieces to suit your style.


Just as the store is constantly changing, and we are reinventing spaces, we encourage people to do the same in their home.  We have monthly "Do It Yourself"  Workshops, teaching customers how to use Maison Blanche on their Projects.  In the Fall of 2013, we are beginning a Lecture Series, including Wine and Cheese, with an Architect that is going to present "The History of French Chairs", "English Chairs", and "American Chairs"   The evolution of furniture is a fascinating topic.  In a nutshell, it occurred to me that, if you can make a 'warehouse' space beautiful, and people love to come by, then you can make any space fabulous. I am glad that my "anywhere" is Ponte Vedra Beach! 

Elaine Caldwell   See her website by clicking the photo below
 Kathleen Floryan